Security Services

Security Services

Our security services integrate all branches the same way, being a specialist in each material and responsible for each of them. Thanks to this we get the highest quality in our services.

After our studies and risk analysis, we carry out the security master plans where we propose and implement integral security using the most modern and precise techniques and systems for the needs of each client.

  • Static surveillance (security guards)
  • Dynamic protection (escorts)
  • Transportation of funds
  • Investigation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Active Security (Means of detection)
  • Video surveillance
  • Passive security

Our staff goes through specialized and specific courses in our company, which contains an evaluation that is necessary to be able to work with us. They are required annual physical tests and mandatory refreshed training for their continuity. This way we manage to maintain the best service and quality in the market.

We are equally demanding the best from us and our staff, and also from the technology that we sell. We demand from our suppliers the best service and the best products, all of which are tested to the required level. We have a wide range of products and we always use the most suitable for our client's needs..